Drivers are only just realising you can restore your car’s faded black bumpers with a £1 item everyone has at home | The Sun

DRIVERS are only just realising that they can restore faded black car bumpers with a £1 item most people have at home.

The genius tip involves using an everyday household product that you can buy easily at any supermarket.

TikTok user @sammymcphaill revealed that shoe polish can make your car bumpers look brand new in seconds.

The video shows the woman painting the bumpers with black shoe polish.

The poster said: "This is the best life hack if you have an old car."

She loves using this product because it last longer than tyre shine.


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Drivers can find this product for around £1 in most supermarkets across the UK.

According to car experts at Check a Trade, respraying the bumpers in a garage could cost you around £280.

The video has gone viral on social media, with more than 331,000 views and 39 comments on TikTok, but users were not too convinced after watching the video.

One said: "Personally, I just like spray paint."

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Another said: "Just get a trim restoration kit that lasts a year."

While a third pointed out: "There is liquid for restoring old plastic. It's like £3."

Social media is full of hacks to repair your car using products that everyone has at home.

A TikTok user revealed that you can remove light marks on your car with toothpaste.

And another user shared that the cheapest nail polish can cover small chips in your car in a few seconds.

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