How to find where Iceland's Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted on Google Maps – exact location revealed | The Sun

ICELAND is the biggest and most active volcanic region in Europe.

Here is everything you need to know about the Fagradalsfjall volcano and how to find it on Google Maps.

When did Iceland's Fagradalsfjall volcano erupt?

The Fagradalsfjall volcano began erupting on Monday, July 10, 2023.

The volcano which is located just 12 miles from the country's main airport, erupted following heightened seismic activity in the area.

Icelandic police have also restricted access to the volcano, due to the risks posed by the 'life-threatening toxic gas' and urged any hikers in the area to turn back. 

"The police, after counsel from scientists, have decided to restrict access to the eruption site due to enormous and life-threatening toxic gas pollution," the department said.

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"For the next hours, it is highly likely that gas will build up around the eruption site due to low wind. Those who have already undertaken the hike to the eruption site, or are already there, are strongly advised to leave the area," it said.

Is Fagradalsfjall in Iceland still erupting?

The eruption began at 4:40 p.m. local time on Monday, July 10, the meteorological office said.

The fissure excreting lava is estimated to be about 200 meters, or about 656 feet long.

The office said that the "lava is emerging as a series of fountains, but there is presently no emission of ash to the atmosphere,"

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It also added there the eruption is occurring in a region where people do not live, ensuring "no immediate risks to communities or infrastructure."

When was the last eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano?

Fagradalsfjall volcano has erupted twice in the last two years after 800 years of being dormant.

Drone footage showed the erupting volcano in 2021 after it erupted following over 50,000 small earthquakes.

Volcanic activity in the area continued for six months, which prompted thousands of Icelanders and tourists to visit the site.

In August 2022, a three-week eruption happened in the same area.

Where is the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland?

Fagradalsfjall is located in the Reykjanes peninsula in the southwest of Iceland.

It is a 45-minute drive from Keflavik airport or one hour from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík.

In order to get views of the volcano you will need to hike between 30 minutes to 2 hours on mountain trails to a series of viewpoints.

There are five different viewpoints of the volcano: Stórhóll viewpoint, Meradalir Fissure Viewpoint, Nátthagi viewpoint, Langihryggur viewpoint, and Stóri Hrútur viewpoint.

How to find the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland on Google Maps

Finding Fagradalsfjall on Google Maps is quick and simple.

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Here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Simply type Fagradalsfjall into google maps.
  2. A red pinpoint will appear on the location.
  3. Here you can zoom in on satellite and search the surrounding areas.
  4. You can also enable Street View to get a closer look.

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