VW driver unlocks hidden feature as handy in-car gadget also has a second useful purpose | The Sun

A SAVVY driver unlocked a hidden Volkswagen feature after discovering an in-car gadget had a useful second purpose.

Motorists were stunned when the life-changing hack was shared on social media – did you know about it?

In a clip posted to TikTok, the VW owner reveals another use for the nifty bottle opener that comes with the car.

The silver gadget can be found laying flat in the centre console, but when placed horizontally across it forms two slots to easily fit cups.

This motorist claimed it can holder bigger mugs drinks as well.

Although the handy piece of metal was probably always intended for this use, most drivers had found it to be an excellent bottle opener too.

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One impressed viewer commented: "Why doesn't mine have this."

"Wow, I never knew that, I'll have to try that," penned another.

Someone else wrote: "Whattttt. I've had the bottle opener rattling around mine for years."

"I've got it, it's soo nice," said another happy driver.

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Others chimed in and wrote: "Omg, six years and I didn't know this".

While someone else agreed and commented: "No way I didn't know about this."

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