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A MAJOR car brand is reportedly considering scrapping an iconic model, with sources saying its future is "up in the air".

Bosses at the industry giant are believed to feel that rising costs and the push towards electric cars may justify scrapping one of their bestsellers.

Sources at VW told the Financial Times that the company is weighing up the idea of killing off the Polo model before 2030.

Rolling off production lines since 1975, the car is the second most sold VW worldwide, but now hangs in the balance.

The current generation is slated to run until 2026, but there is no word on its future beyond that.

One source with direct knowledge of the decision-making process said: "It’s all up in the air, and there’s nothing definite yet."


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And another referred to it as an "open discussion" among senior management.

VW is already planning to make two EVs, the ID1 and ID2, which are similar in target market to the Polo and so could fill the gap it leaves.

They are both expected to be made in Spain, meaning the discontinuation of the beloved petrol model will likely come at a cost to those working in the company's plants in Brazil, China and South Africa.

Each generation of a particular model usually has a lifecycle of six or seven years, so renewing the Polo beyond 2026 would cut off UK buyers, given that the Government is committed to a ban on new petrol and diesel car sales from 2030.

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However, it would sneak in before the EU's equivalent ban comes into force in 2035, making it available to VW's largest market.

The rising cost of engine manufacture related to the ratcheting up of emissions standards in the years leading to these bans is understood to weigh against the Polo in discussion over its fate.

Thousands of motorists have backed The Sun's Give Us A Brake campaign urging ministers to delay the ban in this country until proper EV infrastructure exists.

Currently, the UK's EV charging facilities are in chaos, with over 12 million people fighting for fewer than 6,000 chargers in rural regions and most local council areas seeing no roadside public chargers at all.

Nevertheless, Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove described the 2030 deadline as "immovable" earlier this year, suggesting the Government are set on seeing the policy through.

It comes after an EV expert shared four top tips to beat the often lengthy queues at charging stations.

Meanwhile, a road tester who has driven over 100 electric models revealed what he hates most about them.

VW has been contacted for comment.

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