I'm an expert mechanic – here are easy ways to fix your own car brakes with two items and save yourself thousands | The Sun

AN expert mechanic has revealed an easy way to save thousands by fixing your car's brakes yourself with two items.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Scotty Kilmer explained how most common maintenance jobs can be done at home for a fraction of the cost.

Scotty, who has 55 years of experience in the motor industry, discussed how drivers bring in cars with "simple things" wrong when they could just fix them with basic tools.

He said: "It's a lot of simple stuff people do.

"People might be afraid about it but even doing stuff like brakes – brakes on most cars are simple to do.

"You just need a pair of pliers and some sockets, open them up and put on new pads, it's not rocket science."


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While any major brake repairs should be handled by a professional for safety reasons, simple jobs like replacing the pads can be done with ease if you just know how.

And if you are particularly nervous, you can always take the car in for a check-up afterwards to make sure you've done it right, which will still likely be cheaper than having it serviced.

It can cost up to £200 a pop to have your brake pads replaced, while other repairs can go even higher than that, so DIY is certainly the most affordable way to go.

Scotty added: "I get millions of times people bring their cars, the only thing wrong is the fuel filter is dirty or the gas cap was missing and water got in the gas tank. 

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"There's lots of stuff people can do and they're just afraid because they've never been taught anything.

"I guess we're just dumber, people seem to know less and less about more and more."

Similarly, he cited air filters, fuel filters and spark plugs as the three parts that can be replaced with the least hassle, but which he sees in his shop all the time.

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