Spiders can lay ‘hundreds of eggs’ during mating season – how to repel them

Spiders: Expert advises on using essential oils as repellents

Arachnophobia, also known as fear of spiders, is one of the most common phobias in the UK and Ireland.

Britons who suffer from the phobia may need to prepare themselves as spider season is almost upon us.

Spider mating season typically lasts for a few weeks from late summer to early autumn which means more of the pests will be seen scuttling indoors.

With this in mind, Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to three experts about how to deter spiders during spider season.

Carlos Garcia, son of the founders of Total Clean, has shared suggested using essential oils like peppermint to deter spiders.

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He said: “While some spiders in the home can be an effective method to combat flies, you can reduce spider populations by keeping your home clutter-free and dusting regularly to remove their webs.

“Essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or citrus can act as natural spider repellents as well.”

Sophie Thorogood, from the technical team at global pest control manufacturer, Pelsis Group, suggested sealing around windows and doors to prevent spiders from entering properties.

Homeowners can use seals around windows and excluder strips around doors to deter spiders from entering homes via gaps under doors and around windows.

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Sophie also recommended using a spider and insect vacuum to banish spiders.

She said: “Use the Pest-Stop Spider & Insect Vacuum which offers a safe and scare-free answer to banishing these pests from the home.

“The vacuum uses a powerful yet safe suction along with a simple catch and release function.”

Dr Jonathan Kirby, pest control expert at NOPE! Pesticidal solutions simply recommend keeping homes clean to deter spiders.

He said spiders can lay “hundreds of eggs at a time” inside the house which is why it’s important in autumn to do regular sweeps behind, under furniture and in tight spaces and to dispose of egg sacks as soon as they find them.

He added: “You can do this with a broom or vacuum cleaner, but if you use a vacuum cleaner make sure you dispose of the eggs using a sealed plastic bag.”

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