‘Zoey 101’s Alexa Nikolas Accuses Jonah Hill Of “Predatory Behavior” When She Was 16

Jonah Hill has been accused of “predatory behavior” by Alexa Nikolas, the former child star of Zoey 101 fame, in a thread posted to Twitter over the weekend, recounting an incident from the time she was 16.

Nikolas’ comments were prompted by a series of recent Instagram posts by Hill’s one-time girlfriend Sarah Brady, in which she accused the actor of being an “emotionally abusive”, “misogynist narcissist.”

Wrote Nikolas in her first tweet on July 8th, “After reading Sarah Brady’s admirable post about #JonahHill I just gotta say when I was 16 I got invited to a house party at #justinlongs house where he was living with some lame predator actor from CSI Miami. I’ll look up the name later and find him.”

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Nikolas alleged that the CSI Miami actor was “sleeping [with] *aka assaulting a minor*” a friend of hers who “was also 16 to 17,” later identifying him as Jonathan Togo.

Reps for Hill and Togo did not immediately return Deadline’s requests for comment.

“Anyways,” Nikolas continued, “#JonahHill came over at some point and we were all pretty wasted because of course the predators were feeding us minors a bunch of alcohol. #jonahhill seemed to have his eyes on me because at one point I wanted a cig and he said he had one in his car “right outside”. Didn’t seem like too much of an effort so I trusted him. I went outside and he grabbed the cigs from his front seat.”

Nikolas stated that Hill “didn’t hand me the cig which I thought was weird and then as we walked back to the door I asked him for it and he said nothing but slammed me to the door and shoved his tongue down my throat. I was so appalled I pushed him off of me and ran inside.”

She noted that Hill had told her she’d have to come outside with him if she “wanted the cig” — that he “didn’t wanna go “all alone.” Added the actress, “They were all aware I was 16.”

Said Nikolas, “This type of predatory behavior was hyper normalized when I was a kid. I’m proud to see women standing up to abusive men now. Bad ASS!”

Nikolas then went on to call out Togo’s then-roommate, actor Justin Long, who was said to be on the scene the night of the alleged encounter with Hill, referencing the New Line horror film Barbarian in which he starred. “Hey Justin Long I find it interesting you being in Barbarian as a predator. It must have been weird playing some of your friends. You knew your roommate was  assaulting a minor under your own roof. You let it happen. Eek. I hope you regret it now.”

When contacted by Deadline, a spokesperson for Long wrote, “This is the first time Justin has been made aware of this situation that allegedly happened nearly two decades ago. While Justin is sympathetic to any and all victims of any abuse , the simple fact remains he has no knowledge of what may or may not have happened concerning Ms. Nikolas.”

Said the actress via Twitter, “I’ve been traumatized by men in hollywood. It’s truly sad the traumatic events I have lodged in my body and mind. Things have to change. F**k  #familyguy too.”

View Nikolas’ posts to Twitter below.

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