New poll reveals 95 percent of Britons anxious about shift to online banking

HSBC announce plans to close 82 bank branches across UK

Bank branches across the UK are closing at a rapid rate with an average of 54 closing each month over the last eight years.

Research by Which? has shown that 5,605 bank and building society branches have closed since 2015 as customers move online.

A new poll has found that a staggering 95 percent of readers are concerned about the shift to online banking as branches close.

Charity Age UK has said that many older or vulnerable Britons are at risk, with 27 percent of over-65s and 58 percent of over-85s relying on physical banking services.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said: “We need to face up to the fact that huge numbers of older people, the oldest old, especially, are not banking online.”

In a poll that ran from 7am on Monday, May 8, to 2.15pm on Monday, May 15, asked readers: “Are you concerned about bank closures and the move to online banking?”

A total of 2,2986 readers responded with the overwhelming majority, 95 percent (2,178 people) answering “yes” they are. Whereas five percent (111 people) said “no” and just seven people said they did not know.

Dozens of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts about changes to banking.

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Some readers shared their worries about online banking, with username GrahamP writing: “Online banking isn’t secure it’s like leaving the banks doors and vault open after staff have gone home.”

While username anf111 questioned the accessibility without banks. They said: “It’s ridiculous closing all these banks, what about people who don’t have computers/iPads/laptops etc? I believe in moving forward but this is a hideous idea!”

And username ja50 shared their personal experience with bank closures, commenting: “My branch closed in September and I moved to next nearest branch which then closed in March. Now if I need to go to the bank I have quite a way to travel.

“Sorry, but I don’t trust online banking and definitely not an app on my phone – only needs a glitch and an account could be empty and banks blaming the customers and all the trouble that causes.”

However, other readers were more positive about a transition to online banking, with username John 57 writing: “I’m surprised at the poll numbers. I can’t remember the last time I went into a bank branch.”

Another, username john04041992, said: “Who cares if all the bank branches close. If I need cash I just get it from a post office.”

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