Meet the couple who forked out £5,000 to stop overspending

Money saving tips: Man shares one simple trick to save cash

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A couple have revealed how they have saved £5,000 in just 12 weeks by speaking to a professional about their spending habits. Josh Mason, 28, and his partner, Dan Doyle, 33, have been trying to save for a house and sought the help of a financial coach to find out where they were going wrong.

Hair stylist Mr Mason said: “More than enough money was coming in, but then as soon as it came in it just went straight back out.

“We tried to knuckle down and be a little bit more disciplined, but nothing really seemed to stick. We were making more money each month but were still in the same position, with no savings. We needed professional help.”

The couple enlisted the services of financial coach, Fanny Snaith, who asked them to complete a personality test to discover their money “archetype”, according to the Telegraph.

They soon discovered that their backgrounds were affecting their spending habits – Mr Mason came from a working-class family and was used to spending money as soon as he got it.

Meanwhile, Mr Doyle was brought up to believe there would always be an abundance of money.

As well as looking into their money beliefs, the financial coaching also involved taking a look at what they were spending their money on and they soon realised they were throwing away £1,000 a month on takeaways.

Although their sessions cost £5,000 for 12, the couple have saved £5,000 during the process and say they will now continue to save money.

While not everyone will be able to afford a money coach, Citizens Advice might be able to help people if they are in debt.

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Britons have been sharing their money saving tips with – including a single mum who has been saving £250 a month with one simple trick. 

The 52-year-old business owner is curbing her spending by only paying for things she needs with cash and leaving her debit card at home.

She told “I’ve saved so much money as I’m a little bit of a shopaholic I tend to not even go in some of the shops because I know I don’t need it.

“I only buy what I need so it’s really helping me – I’ve saved so much money and I’d definitely recommend it.”

A pensioner shared how she is saving money on her food shopping adding it’s sometimes the old fashioned tips that are the best.

Sandra Smith, 75, told that she has always been frugal but is now having to think up new ways to save money. 

She said: “I cook all my own food for a few days and I don’t mind eating leftovers.”

Budgeting experts frequently recommend meal prepping, batch cooking and reducing waste as these habits can lead to savings of up to £1,000 a year.

Elaine Wishart, 54, told how she’s discovered a way to make savings by slashing the cost of her food shopping.

She said: “’ve joined a food club – it’s not a food bank It’s open to anyone and you pay £3.50 a week and it’s what supermarkets are about to throw away.

“They bring it to a food club and you can pick what you want from different stations.

“I reckon each week I get about £20 to £25 worth of stuff for £3.50 and you never know what you are getting.”

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