Inside Elon Musk's secretive work emails that NO ONE at SpaceX or Tesla can access – as Twitter demands to read them | The Sun

ELON Musk gets special treatment banning anyone at SpaceX and Tesla from accessing his work emails it's been revealed.

Both of the tech billionaire's companies apparently have policies making clear no staff should expect total privacy when it comes to their work accounts.

But the world's richest man, 50, appears to be above the rules.

The special privilege was disclosed by the judge overseeing Musk's whirlwind legal battle against Twitter.

It came up as the social network argued key emails should be released.

Musk is currently trying to back out of a deal to buy Twitter for $44billion (£34.5bn) in a dispute about the number of fake accounts on the platform.

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According to The Verge, "no one" can access the entrepreneur's work email accounts without his say so.

Tesla is banned without consent directly from Musk, unless it is "legally necessary".

Meanwhile at SpaceX, everyone is restricted without his permission.

Because of the special rule, Musk's emails will remain private, judge Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick said.

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"A cynic might doubt that Musk-specific policies exist at SpaceX and Tesla," she writes.

"Defendants’ factual arguments to that effect rely solely on the affidavits of Musk, who has a lot at stake in this litigation, and three of his direct reports, and none of the affidavits are supported by any corporate records reflecting Musk-specific rules.

"Still, to this jurist, the evidence rings true."

This all comes after the Tesla and SpaceX founder claimed that his tweets are being suppressed.

Meanwhile, Twitter's shareholders approved his $44billion offer to purchase the company on Tuesday.

The shareholders voted in favour of Musk's takeover, which valued each share at $54.20.

While it's unclear who will win, legal experts have been weighing in.

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And most believe that the court is likely to rule in Twitter's favour – and Musk could face huge penalties, have his Tesla stock seized, or even be jailed if he fails to comply.

The epic legal showdown will unfold in the Delaware Chancery Court in a few weeks' time.

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