Clever hacks to speed up painting a wall

Angel Adoree shares her tips for painting walls

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It can be labourious, going over your walls, again and again, waiting for each layer to dry. Painting your property is not difficult, but it is a time-consuming task.

But, rather than throwing your brush or roller down in frustration and calling a professional, why not try these expert hacks to speed up painting your walls?

The five expert hacks were suggested by Tobie Lewis from Valspar Paint, experts creating paint for over 200 years.

He told “When embarking on a new DIY paint project in your property, there are different steps to consider, especially if you want to speed up the drying process.”

So how exactly does he suggest you speed up your paint drying, and therefore your whole redecoration?

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Four ways to speed up painting your walls

One wall at a time for each coat

Tobie said: “One of the best ways to ensure the paint dries quickly, is by painting one wall at a time for each coat.

“Essentially painting another wall while the coat on the first wall dries, therefore making the most out of your time.”

Focus on air circulation

If you want your walls to dry, keep the room fresh, the expert said.

“Making sure there is good air circulation in the relevant area is key to help speed up the drying process,” Tobie explained.

“If the weather is OK (and it’s not raining), leave as many doors and windows open as possible. If you have them, leave your ceiling fans on too which can help.”

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Keep layers light

The lighter the coats, the faster they will dry, according to the expert. So more lighter coats might be better.

Tobie said: “Another tip is to keep your coats light – this will allow the paint to dry faster, which is ideal if you’re on a tight time schedule.”

Put the heating on

“Obviously gas prices are going up, and we’re all trying to be as economical as possible at the moment,” Tobie said.

“But, if you’re desperate to finish your paint job, turning up the heat in your home will seriously help the paint dry.”

When painting their home there is a shade Britons should avoid, another expert has told It is one of the worst colours to paint your home.

They warned the colour could go so far as to put buyers off the property – a no-no for those hoping to sell.

However, home staging expert Elaine Penhaul, director of Lemon & Lime Interiors said there are some paint colours which could deter people from putting in an offer.

Elaine urged sellers to “avoid using magnolia”, despite it being one of the UK’s most popular wall colours.

She said: “It was very in trend a few years ago and we find it is still a popular choice with developers, but it doesn’t look good in modern homes. These days it can be somewhat reminiscent of nicotine-stained walls, which is not a good look to buyers.”

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