Must-know iPhone hack is essential for ANYONE using Facebook Messenger

IF you want to prevent people snooping on your private messages this quick iPhone hack is a must.

You'll already be familiar with Face ID to unlock your phone but it can be used to access individual apps as well.

Many already take advantage of this for things like banking apps and even WhatsApp.

And Facebook Messenger is no exception.

TikToker Kadama has revealed to his 1.8million followers just how easy it is to do.

First you need to open the Facebook Messenger app and select your profile photo at the top left.

From there, tap on the privacy tab.

You'll then see an option for app lock.

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In there, just switch the require Face ID toggle to on.

Now every time you open Facebook Messenger you'll have to use Face ID or enter your passcode.

You'll still be able to reply to messages from notifications and answer calls, but it should put a stopper on prying eyes wanting a nose on your previous chats.

That said, it's still an extra layer of security worth having on.

There are loads of hacks to get the best out of your iPhone, like this top secret tip that lets you unlock your phone using a special codeword.

Also check out this cool way of preventing people from reading messages over your shoulder.

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