US Covid Deaths Down To Lowest In Two And A Half Months

Deaths due to coronavirus infection in the United States has come to the lowest level in more than two and a half months. This excludes low figures due to reporting delays at weekends.

With 1,131 new deaths reporting on Thursday, the total number of Covid infections in the country rose to 751,555, as per the latest data from Johns Hopkins University. This is the lowest daily death toll reported since August 18 and nearly one fourth of this year’s peak of 4098 casualties reported on January 26.

There is also significant fall in the weekly average of Covid-related deaths. It fell by 23 percent to 1,164 in a fortnight, as per data compiled by New York Times.

With 82061 new cases reporting on Tuesday, the total number of Covid infections in the country rose to 46,334,961.

Pennsylvania reported the most number of cases – 5162 – while Texas – 125 – reported most Covid-related deaths.

As Covid-related hospitalizations in the United States continues to decrease, the number of people admitted in hospitals in the country with coronavirus infection has come down by 15 percent to 48,234 within the last two weeks.

37,194,111 people have so far recovered from the disease in the country.

As per the latest data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 193,227,813 people in the United States, or 58.2 percent of the population, have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. This includes 85.6 percent of people above 65.

222,591,394 people, or 67 percent of the population, have received at least one dose.

426,728,092 vaccine doses have been administered so far nationally.

21,483,519 people have so far received booster doses, which accounts for 11.1 percent of the population.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden called on all employers in the country having 100 or more employees under their establishment to comply with the Labor Department’s new rule requiring it mandatory for all their workers to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

“I’m calling on employers to act. Businesses have more power than ever before to accelerate our path out of this pandemic, save lives, and protect our economic recovery,” Biden said in a statement Thursday.

He clarified that despite what some predicted and falsely assert, vaccination requirements have broad public support.

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