Pompeo: We need to know what Fauci knew and 'when he knew it' about suspected Wuhan lab leak

Fauci has ‘a lot of questions to answer’ on the origins of COVID-19: Pompeo

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the researcher who thanked Dr. Fauci for downplaying the lab leak theory has ‘dirty hands.’

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo provided insight on the developing theory that the COVID-19 pandemic was the result of a laboratory leak, which Dr. Anthony Fauci dismissed early on. Pompeo is calling for answers and demanding accountability for the Chinese Communist Party.


MIKE POMPEO: Right after that email that you described in early May, I began to talk about this as well. We knew that the evidence was accumulating, was piling up that the wet market [theory] didn’t hold water and that the much more likely scenario was that this had come from the virology lab in Wuhan. And this guy [Peter] Daszak who wrote this email, he’s got dirty hands. He was involved in this laboratory, there was taxpayer money that was funneled all through an alliance that he was responsible for. He was one of the lead investigators that was sent in to look at this. There’s a lot of questions to be answered. I think Dr. Fauci has a lot of questions to answer. 

And this matters, your point about this being a matter of national security; that lab is still operating. That work is still going on there today, and we could have something like that happen again. And the Chinese Communist Party refuses to tell us what they know. The United States, President Biden must demand we get these answers. We must know how the U.S. government, how Dr. Fauci, Daszak, all the folks that were underwriting this laboratory, what they knew, when they knew it, because this will help us answer the important questions that will keep us all safe.


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