Greg Gutfeld: NYC Pride parade banning police and law enforcement is nothing to be proud of

Gutfeld reacts to NYC Pride parade banning police

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses LGBTQ officers being excluded from their own community

If you enter the phrase “Blue Lives Matter” into Google, you’ll find a long list of articles explaining how racist it is. I never knew that. What I do know: 48 officers were shot and killed in 2020. They do matter. To me, obviously to you.  Fifteen were also struck dead by cars on the side of a road, likely assisting someone who needed help. Did you know 2020 was one of the deadliest years for cops ever? 264 deaths – from numerous causes. The highest killer? COVID obviously

You don’t hear about it much. And I also wonder how many minority cops died last year. Better not bring that up. Since caring about their lives, is bigoted too. So where does this delusional nationwide smear of a selfless occupation lead us? To sheer stupidity.

In a few days there’s gunna be a Gay Pride parade in New York City. And you know who may be banned? The cops. According to ABC News – the event organizers announced that police will be “banned” from all “pride events,” all the way up through 2025. Seems kind of harsh, 2025, The Biden era.

My question: how will anyone at pride know who the real cops are? Trust me, I’ve been tricked a few times. Once by this guy.

The organizer also wants to reduce police security and first responder presence. Because in large gatherings of hundreds of thousands of people, you definitely don’t need those guys. All of this, of course, is to please the woke. A funny term since it only applies to people who live in a dream world.

Says Andre Thomas, co-chair: “we know many LGBT cops… But what the institution represents sometimes to a person of color or trans person is violence, And that doesn’t make you feel safe.” So, they’d rather feel safe than be safe.  

So – how can you organize a huge public event and unilaterally decide that cops can’t be near it. Can I do that? If so: I’d like to formally announce that national Greg Gutfeld day happens this Saturday, from 10 am to 3 pm. I’ll be parading down 5th avenue, on a homemade float based on “The Golden Girls”. (I’ll be dressed as Rose for height reasons. I can still fit into her housecoat.) Feel free to park on the sidewalk and throw glitter bombs at pedestrians. I’ll get Dana Perino to hand out Jell-o shots and Jesse Watters with a couple of super soakers, will fire tequila into the faces of babies! And Tyrus will be doing a dwarf toss (which will, in fact, be me). Don’t worry about getting a traffic ticket, because I demand little or no police presence. See – can just anybody plan public events, then tell the cops get lost?

But it’s a weird time to ban the police. Crime in this city is exploding like Pelosi’s head listening to a Trump speech. A 36 percent increase in murder over last year. Shootings are up 77 percent. And mayoral stupidity is up a whopping 4300%. 

Look at Bill de Blasio. I still can’t get over this cretin. While people are getting stabbed on the subway, Lurch went on a spending spree at the NBA store. The guy has the charm of malaria. 

Every day in New York an elderly tourist or citizen, is attacked. An 80-year-old Black vet just got shot in the Bronx yesterday.  The guy fought in a war without getting wounded – but not the streets of New York. You’re not supposed to be awarded a Purple Heart cuz you were wounded in action in front of TJ Maxx.

And remember – the people who show up first to assist are the cops. And the first responders. But by all means, reduce police presence. Especially, as hate crimes based on sexual orientation make up the second-largest share of hate crimes in 2019, trailing attacks on Jews, who have no parade. Something about it being too drafty outside. But you know who nabs the suspects? Not the cast from “Queer Eye”. It’s the cops.

And fewer cops means more violence against the LGBT community. Yet it’s the cops that are the problem. That’s like blaming fires on the fire department. I mean, they are often spotted near burning buildings – so there has to be a connection! So again what we’re seeing are people cowering before over-zealous activists.  The gay officers action league (sounds like a marvel movie) calling it a shameful attempt to “placate some of the activists in our community.” They’re right.

In the 70’s, the early days of pride, gay police officers sued the City of New York so they could participate in the parade, and they won. Now they’re being banned by callow wokesters with no actual grip on inclusion.  And that’s what this current moral panic is all about. It’s about replacing actual accomplishments with tantrums. It reflects a sad trend: the refusal to take a stand against a handful of extremists who act like a pack of hyenas spotting a wounded lion. It’s happening not just in parades. But in businesses and classrooms.

I wonder what our angry White male has to say

Tom Shillue as Angry White Male: Me? I like cops.  

You know – I’ve never seen a parade for the police. No – wait – I have – they’re called funerals. For their fallen comrades, who didn’t freeze when duty called. But today, when a large community encounters the immovable extremist – they freeze. 

They should fight back. They won’t.  They won’t share the risk. That’s not a parade. It’s a retreat. And it’s not one to be proud of, either.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the May 19, 2021 edition of “Gutfeld!”

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