Gov. Kemp: Biden trying to distract from border crisis with call to pull MLB All-Star Game from Georgia

Gov. Kemp: Biden trying to pull MLB game over Georgia voting law is ‘ridiculous’

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp compares voting laws in Georgia and Delaware and reacts to Biden’s ‘distraction’ to pull MLB game from Georgia.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp slammed President Joe Biden’s suggestion that the MLB All-Star Game should be pulled out of Georgia as a “distraction” from his administration’s handling of the crisis at the southern border. In an interview with ESPN, Biden expressed support for the idea in response to the new Georgia election law that has sparked fierce backlash among liberals. 


BRIAN KEMP: I hope you won’t blame our office for playing into the narrative that the mainstream media’s doing, and a lot of political activists, one of them my former opponent [Stacy Abrams]. And when the president of the United States says something a lot of people pay attention. But what Joe Biden needs to do is look at the side by side of Georgia and Delaware. You know, he’s focused on trying to get Major League Baseball to pull the game out of Georgia which is ridiculous. 

If you look at these comparisons, the state of Delaware has no in-person early voting. We have 17 days in Georgia. You don’t have to have an excuse to get an absentee ballot by mail. In Delaware, you do. We have drop boxes, Delaware does not. And if you want to get a bottle of water while you’re standing in line in Georgia, you can absolutely do that. The elections officials can help you with that. But you can’t do that in Delaware because they don’t have early voting.

We had the largest African American turnout in the 2018 November election when I got elected. You know, Joe Biden needs to focus on things that he can control like the southern border and that’s all this is, it’s a distraction. They’re using it to pass an unconstitutional mandate in HR1. It’s all part of a political narrative that they’re pushing and we’re going to continue to fight that.

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