Meghan McCain knocks Biden's tidal wave of executive orders: 'This isn't healing'

Biden signs executive orders targeting fossil fuel industry

FOX News White House correspondent Peter Doocy joins ‘Special Report’ with the latest from Washington.

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain took aim at President Biden Thursday over the series of executive orders he has signed since taking office. 

Biden has already shattered records in terms of the number of executive orders he has enacted since his inauguration last week, tackling a range of issues like the coronavirus pandemic, immigration, and climate change. 

“I worry about this seesawing pendulum going back and forth where we’re just using executive orders to legislate,” McCain said before pointing to a recent New York Times editorial that urged Biden to “ease up” on using the Oval Office pen.  

“If you’re Joe Biden and you’re losing The New York Times on this and you’ve made 19 executive orders, as opposed to President Trump who did five in his first week, President Obama who did five in his first week, Presidents Bush and Clinton who did zero, it may be time to start working with the other side.

“Because if you’re just going to legislate the same way President Trump did, this isn’t a sea change, this isn’t healing, and this isn’t coming together,” she added. “I thought the whole point of the Biden administration is that you weren’t going to be like the Trump administration.”

McCain also knocked John Kerry, the White House Special Envoy for Climate, for what she called the “deep hypocrisy” of owning a private jet while stressing the urgency of climate change, as well as his remarks about reallocating jobs from oil and coal toward green energy, which she likened to the insult “learn to code.”


“It’s deeply elitist,” McCain reacted. “If it is this much of an existential threat as Joe Biden’s administration is saying and many people believe … then you shouldn’t be flying around in private jets.”

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