This dangerous Amazon gift card scam will hack your bank account in seconds

YOUR bank account could be hacked by cyber-crooks in seconds – if you fall for a new scam.

Fake Amazon gift cards are being circulated online, allowing hackers to hijack your online logins.

Experts at Cybereason are now warning users to ignore unexpected and suspicious Amazon gift cards.

Some of the gift cards appear to be high value, offering users £100/$100.

They come with a message like: "We are delighted to enclose a $100 Amazon gift card as our way of saying Thank You."

Importantly, these phoney gift cards appear to be entirely legitimate at first glance.

You'll be prompted to download a Microsoft Word file – and you're then redirected to an official Amazon webpage – but your system is quietly being compromised in the background.

Instead of handing funds over to you, cyber-crooks will actually install Dridex on your device.

"Dridex is one of the most notorious and prolific banking trojans that has been active in different variants since at least 2012," experts at Cybereason explained.

"It is considered to be an evasive malware that steals e-banking credentials and other sensitive information."

According to experts, Dridex is usually delivered to victims through phishing emails.

That's when an email appears to be a safe message from a legitimate source – but is actually a hack in disguise.

Often Dridex phishing emails contain Microsoft Office documents that have been 'weaponised'.

"Dridex is largely operated by Evil Corp, one of the most prosperous cybercrime groups operating for over a decade," Cybereason wrote.

"The current campaign targets consumers who are falsely informed they have received an Amazon gift card."

Once Dridex is on your system, hackers can pilfer your banking details and other sensitive information.

If you receive any unexpected and suspicious emails, ignore them.

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