Michigan restaurant owner who blasted indoor dining ban in viral rant to appear on 'Tucker'

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A Michigan restaurant owner who disrupted a local reporter's live shot and sounded off on the government's failure to help him and other business owners during the coronavirus pandemic will join "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Thursday.

Dave Morris, the owner of D&R's Daily Grind Café in Portage, achieved instant notoriety Wednesday when he walked up to WWMT reporter Tarvarious Haywood.

"My government leaders have abandoned me," Morris said. "$4 trillion of stimulus money and they gave it to who? Special interest groups and campaign donors."

"So what's going on?" Haywood asked. 

"What's going on? You know what's going on!" Morris exclaimed. 

"You tell me, you tell me," Haywood followed up. 

"Hey, we've got a government that has taken the stimulus money, they gave it to special campaign donors, they gave it to special interests," the owner said. "They abandoned me and they have put me into a position where I have to fight back, OK?"

Morris, who had previously announced to local news outlets that he was going to openly defy the state's indoor dining ban, told Haywood it's "absolutely" the right thing to do and that "everybody needs to stand up."


"There was enough money to give every family, every family in this country $20,000 to go home for two months. They chose to give it to special interests and campaign donors, the Kennedy Space Center, and they abandoned us," Morris explained. "You could've given me money, I'd gladly walk away for 60 days and let this virus settle down, I'm not going to do it alone, okay?"

"Are you going to continue to violate the state's orders and stay open?" Haywood asked. 

"This isn't a state order. This isn't an order, this is a conspiracy. This is a tyranny," Morris shot back. 

When asked what he wanted to tell other restaurant owners, Morris said, "Wake up, stand up. This is America. Be free."

"I've got patriots coming out supporting me the last two days. You know what? It's a great thing," Morris continued. "Wake up! This is America. Don't let them ram-ride you. This is crazy!"


Morris then called out the people at "big department stores" as well as the local train stations and airports who "side-by-side eating meals for hours."

"And you're gonna blame me? C'mon, c'mon," Morris told Haywood. "This is not right and you guys know it. Everybody knows it. Wake up, America. Give us the money to shut this thing down and calm this virus, but don't take it out on a select few."

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