Amy Coney Barrett's friend calls her 'inspiration' who will handle confirmation with 'grace and confidence'

Family friend describes Judge Barrett as inspiration

Maggie Garnett, family friend of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

A close friend of Judge Amy Coney Barrett offered a glimpse into the personal life of the Supreme Court nominee on "Fox & Friends" Sunday as the former law professor and mother of seven gears up for a grueling confirmation process ahead of the November election.

"If anyone can handle confirmation hearing with grace and poise, I think it is Mrs. Barrett," Maggie Garnett, a longtime neighbor and close friend of the Barrett family, told Fox News host Jebediah Bila.


Barrett, a judge on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and former Notre Dame professor, is a devout Catholic and pro-life. Those beliefs were deemed problematic by Democrats during her 2017 confirmation hearing to her seat on the 7th Circuit and are expected to be a major focus of the upcoming hearings.

"Far from being something to criticize, I think that Judge Barrett's faith is an inspiration to us all," Garnett said. "It shows how one's commitment can be guided both by love of God and love of country to serve other people."

Barrett acknowledged what is likely to be a heated and controversial confirmation process in her acceptance speech Saturday, admitting that she "has no illusions that the road ahead of me will be easy, for the short term or the long haul," but that she "will meet the challenge with both humility and courage."

"I've seen her juggling so much as a mother of seven and as a law professor, and I think you will see that she has what it takes to handle this with grace and with confidence," Garnett said.

"As she said, she recognizes that the role of a judge is one that calls for both humility and courage," Garnett added, "and I think she will bring that."

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