Mrs Hinch fan’s miracle cheap washing machine cleaning hack

Cleaning can often be a dreaded part of household chores but in recent months many people have turned to cleaning their home in order to try and keep it as clean as they can. Fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch have shared their quick and easy but useful cleaning hacks on Facebook pages including this washing machine cleaning hack.


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Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe rose to fame after posting her cleaning tips onto her social media.

Now fans who love the cleaning guru have set up their own Facebook pages in which they share their own cleaning finds.

One fan posted impressive shots of her washing machine before and after giving it a proper clean.

The before photo showed gunk and dirt that had built up inside her washing machine drawer.

After cleaning it out the after photo revealed a perfectly clean and dirt free drawer.

She explained that the secret to getting her drawer sparkling clean was rinsing it with Fairy Platinum washing up liquid.

The woman also said: “I used bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar to remove all odours and smells.”

Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar are cheap everyday household products that have cleaning agent properties.

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Some suggest using this combination to clean instead of purchasing expensive cleaning products from the shops.

She then said she went along with a toothbrush to reach all the difficult areas to remove any grime that had not been caught.

The woman also advised people who were to do this hack on their own washing machines to soak their drawers in hot water before turning on the washing machine again.

She also explained that she finished off the cleaning transformation by using Astonish Mould and Mildew spray.


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This can be picked up for as little as 75p from shops like B&M and Home Bargains.

This will not only remove any more dirt that has been caught but it will also make sure any left over product has been rinsed off.

Fans of the cleaning hack were quick to comment on how amazing the washing machine drawer had turned out.

One woman commented: “Wow, great job! Mine looks like your before photo. On my to do list this week.”

Another cleaning fanatic shared how she used another one of Mrs Hinch’s favourite products to clean her washing machine drawer.

Posting on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, a woman revealed how she used The Pink Stuff paste to get her washing machine drawer sparkling.

She explained how she covered the drawer in the cleaning paste, focusing on the areas of black mould.

The Pink Stuff paste can be picked up for as little as £1 and can be used on many different surfaces around the home.

Mrs Hinch raves about the product explaining how you can use it in nearly every room of the home.

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