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WI-FI users have been urged to be cautious about a simple 'twinning' mistake that can leave their devices struggling to connect to the internet.

According to Amazon's Wi-Fi company Eero, this is a must-know if you have recently set up a new router or mesh system in your home.

A mesh system is a group of connectivity devices, such as Wi-Fi routers or boosters, that act as a single network.

So, there are multiple sources of connectivity around your house instead of just a single router.

"Keeping two Wi-Fi networks on in the same space, especially if they use the same name and password, will cause problems for your Wi-Fi devices," Eero says in a pop-up message that appears during the set-up of its devices.

It will result in slow devices that struggle to stay connected to one network alone.



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Or, it will create devices that randomly hop from one Wi-Fi hub to the next, leaving users with a dodgy connection in between.

Some devices will connect to whichever router has the stronger signal, others will just connect to the first router they 'see'.

Each network will be silently battling it out in your home to connect to devices.

As Wi-Fi signals all use the same frequency, having two routers in your home can lead to some interference. 

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One router will interfere with the other and both hubs will not be able to perform at their optimum.

So, if you've recently set up a new router – or a mesh Wi-Fi system that can replace your original home network – then Eero recommends switching it off completely.

If you've set-up two Wi-Fi routers in a bird to strengthen your internet connection and speeds, you'll be out of luck.

However, if you want to strengthen your network and provide a better connection throughout your house, consider investing in a mesh system.

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