'Merry Christmas you Grinch', note declares as parking row explodes over cars on the grass outside homes | The Sun

A PARKING row has erupted on a quiet residential street after a ticked-off local sent a letter to neighbours saying “Merry Christmas you Grinch.”

Wayne Whitehead and his wife Lorna came home to find the “aggressive” note had been put through their letterbox. 

The couple found themselves entangled in a spat over parking that erupted when a “fussy” resident asked neighbours not to leave their vehicles on the grass. 

The original note, written in capitals and placed on windscreens, asked drivers to “please kindly refrain from parking on the verge” as it would make it look “unsightly”. 

However the row escalated when an unknown resident added their own furious reply that they posted to the entire street. 

The letter declared they can “park where they want” as they pay their road tax and warned they would “double park so you can't get out” next time, before signing off the angry note “Merry Christmas you Grinch!” 



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Dad-of-two Wayne, 43, of Glossop, Derbs, said: “My wife had just got home from work and she said 'oh we've just had this through the door'. 

“She couldn't believe it when she read it. She parks on the drive. It wasn't us. 

“For me, it's just a laugh. It made me chuckle, especially the 'Merry Christmas you Grinch', but some other neighbours have been upset by it.” 

The baker and his data analyst wife Lorna, 38, said they have an “inkling” which neighbour left the note. 

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Wayne added: "We know someone who's a bit fussy, the garden's all prim and proper.

"Whoever has the car parked, they shouldn't have been parked there and turfing up the grass but in this day and age would you be bothered?

"It gets annoying when people park like that but personally I wouldn't waste my time writing a letter. There's more important things going on in the world.

"It's obviously triggered someone, then they've gone back to their house, hand written the letter, photocopied it, and delivered it to all the houses.

"It's not threatening but it's a little bit aggressive, saying 'if it is you, I'm going to double park and block you in'.

"The original note was quite polite, just asking them not to park on the grass verge.”

It said: “Would you please kindly refrain from parking on the grass verge, as it will rut the surface and make it look unsightly. Thank you." 

The response, put through letterboxes, read: “If this was you, first and foremost do not ever put something on my new car as it is private property. 

"Secondly, I pay road tax and can park where I want! 

"And finally, we have nowhere to park due to road works in the village as they have dug the whole pavement up and I will not park a "white" car to get splashes of concrete on it, which you can not get! 

"It's not your grass, next time I will double park so you can't get out. Merry Christmas you Grinch!"

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