3 little-known iPhone tricks hiding in your device – including a genius way to never be blindsided by your ex's calls | The Sun

IPHONE users were stunned to discover three little-known tricks – including a hack to save you ever being blindsided by you exes calls.

Whether it's help dodging unwanted messages, sharing important documents with family and friends or simply elevating the fun of using your phone – these Apple tips could help.

In an age of ever-advancing technology, it can be hard to keep up with all the nifty features on your iOS device.

Experts at mashable.com have helpfully revealed the useful settings every iPhone user should know about.

Blocked user warning

Sometimes and unexpected call from an unwanted person can ruin your whole day.

But, iOS 17.2 has launched a new system that activated a warning message if a blocked number tries to FaceTime you.

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In addition, users can switch of their Contact Poster, name and photo sharing options.

If more customisation is desired, iPhone owners can chose "Contacts Only" or "Always Ask" settings, to carefully select who has access to their details.

Custom notification sounds

This fresh feature could prove incredible helpful for millions of users.

It will allow them to instantly recognise who has messaged them – and on which app.

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Whether they are waiting on important news, trying to make life easier, or just have some fun, custom notification sounds is the solution.

With iOS 17.2, in the "Sounds & Hapatics" setting, different options are available.

'Contact Sharing' hack

This amazing trick allows iPhone users to effortlessly transfer documents.

It massively cuts down time that was previously used penning texts or drafting emails.

The "Contact Sharing" gesture simply needs to phones to be close together and then boarding passes, cinema tickets and other Wallet app items can be shared.

This comes as people are also discovering five underused hacks no one knows about from captions on video calls to listening through walls.

Plus a tech expert has revealed a simple iPhone tip that could save your life  – and most people don’t seem to be aware of it.

It features a remarkably easy way to alert the emergency services if you ever find yourself in danger.

Meanwhile, users of the Apple phone also seem to be in the dark about an invisible texts feature.

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