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SONY'S 2023 PlayStation Wrap-Up is now available for gamers to reflect on their PS5 or PS4 gaming habits over the past year.

The year-in-review has had a makeover since last year, borrowing some features from the ever-popular Spotify Wrapped roundup.

How to find your Playstation Wrap-Up?

You can view your PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up by visiting and logging in with your account.

What is Playstation Wrap-Up?

The PlayStation Wrap-Up give players a breakdown of all the games they've played, the hours spent, trophies hard earned and a playtime ratio over the past year.

There's monthly stats too, showing how many gaming sessions and hours users logged from January through to December.

In Spotify-fashion, players are given one of several different gaming styles, such as Thrill Seeker, Role Player or Gunslinger.



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These styles are chosen by an algorithm based on what types of games dominated a player's console this year, such as adventure, RPG or action shooter titles.

PlayStation then "helpfully" offers players a curated playlist of titles they haven't yet played, aimed at whatever gaming style they have.

Players are also given a social style – dictated by how friendly or antisocial you are in the gaming sphere.

Do you regularly make pals while playing online? Well, then you may be one of The Friend Maker's.

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Alternatively, you may earn the title of a lone wolf.

After going through the whole review, players receive a code to download a unique PS5, PS4 Avatar and PS Stars digital collectable, featuring a Marvel’s Spider-Man Spider-Bot as part of the 2023 Wrap-Up experience.

How is Playstation Wrap-Up calculated

The PlayStation Wrap-Up is calculated by a computer algorithm which chews up the data from all the gaming you've done this year to spit out a customised review.

The Wrap-Up experience is not yet complete, however.

The Sony review will continue to update through the end of 2023, so be sure to check back again by January 12 for your full year summary.

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