Abandoned car dealership littered with rust buckets…but ONE ‘hermetically sealed’ car is still like new 40 years on | The Sun

AN ABANDONED car dealership littered with rust buckets has been discovered – and it has one 80s classic that is still in mint condition.

A Reddit user who stumbled upon the collection posted pictures of his lucky find and sparked jealousy from petrolheads.

The images show weathered dust-coated vehicles with shattered windows and misshapen bonnets, but there is one vehicle that remains perfectly preserved.

Even after it sat in the Swiss dealership for more than 30 years a nearly new Mazda 323 GT has maintained its striking features – and it still has a healthy shine to it.

The car is locked inside the dealership giving it an advantage over the other vehicles that were left in the parking lot and exposed to the elements.

It appeared almost hermetically sealed – with air still in its tires and not a scratch on it.

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The Redditor captioned their post: "So I found a parking lot full of old abandoned cars today.

"There were a bunch of old Mazdas, Hondas and a few Saabs. There were some Mazdas from the 1980s inside the dealership as well, which appeared to be brand-new.

"From what I understand the building has been abandoned since around 2001.

Viewers of the post – which was first shared in 2010 – were excited by the find.

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One joked: "I'm normally an anti-crime type person, but "steal" that car from that showroom! QUICK."

And another said: "I want that Mazda."

A third added: "The Mazda in the last photo — the indoor one — looks amazing. Is that a late 80s Mazda 323? Tires are still holding air!"

A fourth user claimed to know more about the history of why the dealership was abandoned.

They wrote: "I found out some interesting information about the place, which may explain the situation a little.

"The original owner of the dealership and the premises went bankrupt. The whole property was then bought up by some obscure real estate agency in the year 2000.

"The odd thing is, that for nearly 10 years now, nobody has been able to contact the current owners – they appear to have somehow vanished.

"Not even the administration of the town where the dealership is located has been able to get in touch with that agency. So that's why all of the cars are (sadly) rotting away."

This isn't the only lucky find that's made the news recently.

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