Britain’s most confusing stretch of road has EIGHT different road signs within two miles & ‘makes no sense whatsoever’ | The Sun

A ROAD in rural Wales may be Britain's most confusing as it has eight road signs in just two miles.

The A4222 in Aberthin, Vale of Glamorgan, is made up of 30mph, 40mph and 60mph zones across a single 1800m stretch.

It comes after Wales dropped its default speed limit from 30mph to 20mph in September.

This resulted in several additional changes being added into the already confusing stretch.

Locals say they are perplexed at the set up with Aberthin villager Christine Williams struggling to understand the limits.

"It's a complete anomaly, it makes no sense whatsoever," she told BBC Wales.

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"It takes your mind off paying attention to other drivers and taking your eyes off the road as you're looking at the speedometer."

One part of the road takes 14 seconds to drive at 30mph before the speed limit changes, Ms Williams said.

It's believed the national limit change has already cost Wales £34.4m so far, including £1,854,573 in Vale of Glamorgan area alone.

The council said changes to make roads 20mph were based on the criteria previously used to designate them as 30mph.

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This included "specifically the presence of street lighting".

It comes after a veteran driving instructor has called for the blanket 20mph limit to be axed as it will cause "chaos and mayhem."

Stuart Walker, a driving instructor and consultant with SWT Driver and Training Consultancy, has 35 years of experience in the sector.

He said: "But the scope of the new speed limit is such that there are many roads where it's frankly ridiculous to be driving at 20mph."

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