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DRIVERS have been warned over a major error that could destroy their transmission and cost thousands in repairs.

Expert mechanic Scotty Kilmer took to his YouTube channel to urge motorists to stay up to date with a key maintenance job.

In one clip he was asked how often the transmission fluid, which lubricates the system, should be changed.

He said: "In a standard manual transmission, I change it every 60,000 to 80,000 miles or so.

"But if you haven't, still change it because all that is is splash lubrication.

"It's not going to hurt anything, it's only going to have cleaner fluid."



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Scotty explained that, for manual cars, there is a fair bit of flexibility around when you change the fluid, especially as its only purpose is lubrication.

Unless you drive well beyond the fluid's stated life span and the lubrication is diminished, the risk of damage is low.

However, he revealed that some cars are more vulnerable than others, meaning you really have to keep on top of your fluid changes.

Automatic transmissions rely on the pressure of the fluid to dictate gear shifts.

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If your fluid becomes too old, changing it can actually do more harm than good, according to Scotty.

This is because, as it ages, dirt builds up in the fluid, giving it a higher level of friction.

Keep this going for long enough and the system begins to rely on the extra friction, so new fluid with far less friction can cause slippage.

This is when the gears literally slip off one another, meaning that you cannot shift up and down smoothly and can miss ratios.

If your transmission is damaged by extra friction, it can be a costly fix.

According to Wyatt Auto Services, average gearbox repairs cost between £270 and £411, while a full replacement could set you back over £500.

It can also affect other systems in the car, which could keep repair bills heading skywards.

The news comes after a tyre pro revealed an easy swap which could save you thousands in the winter.

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