Samsung beats Apple with a major free phone upgrade that will change how you text mates forever | The Sun

SAMSUNG has unveiled its very own generative AI model, known as Gauss, that can help write texts, emails and summarise documents.

It takes Samsung devices one giant leap beyond Apple's iPhones.

At the Samsung AI Forum 2023, the Korean tech giant revealed Samsung Gauss, a large language model that can understand human language.

It can answer questions like ChatGPT, but it's built into your phone instead of a third-party app.

The Samsung-exclusive AI consists of three tools: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code and Samsung Gauss Image.

Let's break the last two down:



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Samsung Gauss Code focuses on development code, and can help developers write code quickly.

While Samsung Gauss Image is an image generation and editing feature.

The Suwon-headquartered company said Samsung Gauss is currently being used internally with staff only.

However, Samsung added that it will roll out to phones “in the near future.”

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The company has remained tight-lipped on a timeline.

Although local media reports suggest Samsung aims to release Galaxy S24 based on its Generative AI model as early as 2024.

AI race

AI technology remains in the spotlight for eagle-eyed smartphone companies like Samsung, Google and Apple.

Google has announced a host of new AI features this year, including its Magic Editor, as well as updates to Gmail and Docs and Maps.

There have even been rumours of a secret AI life coach.

But Apple is has seemingly fallen behind.

While there are a few AI features on iPhones, none of them come close to what Samsung has unveiled.

However, Tim Cook's company has reportedly been pumping a huge amount of cash into the cause, with rumours swirling that the iPhone 16 will be when Apple makes its generative AI debut.

This will reportedly include a brand new version of Siri – which may operate in a similar way to ChatGPT and Samsung Gauss.

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