Condensation will be removed in seconds with easy tip – avoids mould buildup too

'Game changing' hack to cure damp, mould and condensation

Not only can condensation leave pools of water below your window but if not sorted immediately it can lead to damp – and even worse, mould. 

When it comes to serious damp and mould issues, households are going to need to call in a professional.

To avoid getting to this stage, there are some ways to remove condensation. Unsure of what works best, one woman took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to find out.

Renae Cartledge said: “Please can anyone advise how to best stop condensation on the inside of my windows during the winter months?

“It’s on the inside pane of the window, not in between the double glazing, every morning when I wake up there are pools of water on the window sill its a nightmare.”

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The post received many likes and suggestions. A recommendation that received the most attention was from Sally Barrett, who claimed to be a cleaner.

She wrote: “I’m a cleaner and the best thing is to use a Squeegee or a window vac to clean the condensation off the windows in the morning. 

“Only takes a few seconds. Finish off by drying the frame (I use an old towel). This is easy and will help avoid any mould growing around your window.” has found a squeegee and microfibre scrubber that’s highly rated on Amazon that can help with tackling condensation. 

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Laura Kemp said: “I always have a squeegee and cloth in my bedroom to wipe away the condensation – the only thing that works.”

Claire Neary commented: “Been using a cheap squeegee every winter and it works well for me.”

Coleen Earp wrote: “I use a window vac every day. But if money is tight an ordinary window squeegee and a towel is just as good.”

To use a squeegee to get rid of moisture on windows, start by laying a towel or cloth, on the windowsill to catch any water and use a squeegee to draw the water downwards. 

Then, finish drying the window and window frames with some kitchen paper or a dry microfibre cloth.

Using this method of removing condensation from the window will need to be done daily as it is not a preventative measure.

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