My neighbour keeps parking in front of MY drive so I blocked him… but my revenge bounced back on ME in the worst way | The Sun

A RUDE neighbour surpassed all levels of sanity after repeatedly parking his huge truck in front of a person's driveway – and blocking his house.

The latest TikTok video shows how the owner of the house tried to revenge for the reckless parking before it bounced back on him even harder.

The user, who goes by the name of Torrie L. Boyd on the platform, shared a video while giving a glimpse of his house street.

A huge trailer attached to a Ford F-150 pickup truck can be seen parked right in front of the house's driveway, blocking the owner's explorer parked outside.

Annoyed by the rude neighbour's inconsiderate act, the video maker plots a revenge plan.

The next day, he then parks his Explorer SUV at the same spot as the trailer – leaving no room for the huge motor to rest in front of thr house anymore.

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But little did he know his rude neighbour would not stop at it.

The end of the clip reveals the trailer parked adjacent to his SUV, making the tight space even more chaotic and ultimately blocking his driveway again.

The poor house owner was left with no choice but to upload a video on TikTok with the caption: "On Today's episode of my neighbour is an ass****."

Many fellow users on the platform extended their support to the house owner in the comment section of the video.

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One such user wrote: "Street is public property but you can't block driveways or mailboxes, you should call the cops."

Another joked: "This is hilarious! The guy got an F-150 and a massive trailer but does not have basic parking sense it seems."

A third user suggested: "Unhook the trailer and put it in a horrendous position."

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