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AN expert has revealed a list of the ten best used cars on the market for under £1,000, including a Jaguar and BMW 3-Series.

The list, compiled by YouTuber Jonathan "Jonny" Brighton, includes some classics motors that are adored by petrol heads for their style and performance.

Many buyers shun new motors and many experts relish in revealing bargain buys that are out there in the used car market.

Now YouTuber Jonny Brightonhas identified a collection of the ten best cars he thinks are out there for under £1,000.

Skoda Fabia Estate

Jonny explains that that the Fabia was his first ever car and is the perfect "jack of all trades" motor.

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He said: "Its the perfect first car and you can bikes in the boot.
The insurance and tax are cheap. It's a great first car and I would
have another in a hearbeat."

VW Polo

The expert said the classic polo was the "perfect car for London."
He added: "The car is perfect for parking and is super reliable too."

Ford StreetKa

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Jonny said the StreetKa was an unusual motor with some appeal. It came with a 1.6L engine and was a decent city car.

Johnny said the StreetKa had aesthetic appeal and could be snapped for under £1,000.

Suzuki Swift

The Swift has a 1.3L engine and could do zero to sixty in 10.6 seconds.

Johnny said: "It's not fast by any means but better than other cars in its class."

Johnny added that there were reliability issues with the Swift's clutch.

VW Golf GTI mk4

The Golf features a two litre engine and cando zero to 60 in 10.2 seconds. Johnny said: "It comes with a nice leather interior and £1,000 will get you a 2003 version."

Vauxhall Astra SRI

The Astra features a chunky 1.8L engine and could do zero to sixty in under ten seconds. Johnny described the Astra as a "good looking car."

Jaguar X-Type

Johnny described the famous Jagas a genuine executive class car. A 2009 model could be snapped up for just under £1,000.

Honda Civic Type S GT

This classic motor comes with a 1.8 L engine and can do zero to 60 in around 8.6 seconds.

BMW 3-Series Estate

The expert described the BMW as a really practical car with great fuel economy. He said a 2005 model could be snapped up for less than £1,000.

Mazda MX-5

Johnny said he "adored" the MX-5 and said it offered amazing value for money.

He described the reliability as not bad but warned buyers to watch out for rust which was a "real killer " on these models.

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