I'm a driving instructor – so many learners don't know about 'hidden' button that de-ices windscreen in seconds | The Sun

LEARNER drivers are only just discovering a simple hack that can de-ice a windscreen in seconds.

With the weather across the UK cold, windy and stormy at the moment, this brilliant tip could be very useful for road-users braving wet or icy conditions.

In a clip posted to TikTok by expert driving instructor Mike Hinton, motorists are shown three simple steps to de-mist a windscreen that includes a 'hidden' button many simply don't know about.

Mike begins the clip by pointing to a button that can be found in the middle of his car's dashboard display.

He says: "First off, you need to look for the button with this icon [front windscreen de-mister].

"You then press it and turn the fan up to full."

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After pressing the de-misting button, the clip then shows Mike turning the fan dial all the way to the maximun setting.

He continues: "Then, depending on whether it’s hot or cold outside, you choose cold or hot to the maximum.

"Then the windscreen will start de-frosting and de-misting."

Indeed, after a moment, the driving expert's windscreen perfectly de-mists.

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