Your car windows will never fog up again with 74p Lidl kitchen essential you already own, car cleaning whizz reveals | The Sun

A CAR cleaning expert has revealed which super cheap product you should use to stop car windows fogging up.

The product is a dirt cheap 74p kitchen essential that you probably already own.

The magic item is revealed in a TikTok video posted by Organised House Wives – and its not what you might expect.

In the video – captioned "how to keep your windows/mirrors steam free" – the person washing the car is using unbranded washing up liquid.

They wash their windows with it, and claim the glass never fogs up thanks to the suds.

Washing up liquid can be bought for as little as 74p at Lidl.

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Viewers were quick to comment on the clip, with some sharing their own advice.

With one saying: "Fill an old sock up with cat litter or raw rice. leave under your seat and it will soak up all the moisture in the car over 2 or 3 days."

"Shaving foam works too," added another.

And a third questioned: "Could it work on swimming goggles?"

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This is not the only car related top tip we have shared recently.

Earlier this year we told how drivers can use a £1 item from B&Q to get their car spotlessly clean.

Dubbed the “two bucket method,” the hack uses one bucket of soapy water and another bucket with just clean water in it which is used to dip your wash cloth or sponge while getting the grime off your car.

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