I’m a heating expert – this simple radiator tip will heat homes faster

Despite the energy price cap dropping, Britons are still looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and save money.

There are many ways Britons can save money on their energy bills, from putting foil behind their radiators to ensuring furniture isn’t obstructing radiators.

Now, heating experts have shared a simple radiator hack that will not only make radiators work more efficiently but heat homes faster.

Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms.co.uk said bleeding radiators can release built-up pressure in the system.

If a radiator is cold at the top when it’s switched on then it likely needs to be bled.

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B&Q explains how to bleed a radiator

Nic explained: “Bleeding out any trapped air in the radiators will reduce any built-up pressure in the system to get the heat out faster to warm up the room.”

To remove air pockets from radiators, you will need to use a radiator bleed key.

Removing trapped air from radiators will keep the radiators working at “maximum efficiency” while also reducing pressure in the heating system.

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Nic added: “Bleeding radiators regularly means they won’t take a long time to warm up, in turn helping to reduce energy bills. “

Daniel Khanlarpour, also known as the Gas Guru, is a gas safe engineer and has been a member of Checkatrade for the past four years.

He said: “Using a radiator bleed key, open the bleed valve on the top of the radiator allowing the air to escape and catching any drips with a cloth, once water starts coming out the radiator is bled.

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“Correct boiler pressure afterwards as per user manual.

“Try and avoid using radiators to dry clothes on if possible.”

Radiators should be bled when the central heating system is turned off and the radiators are cold.

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