‘Best’ 30p solution to stop condensation ‘wreaking havoc’ on your windows

This is how to remove window condensation in five minutes

Condensation forms on windows when water vapour from the air comes into contact with cold glass. 

It’s deposited as water droplets, which can then pool on windowsills causing damp and mould. 

This can damage walls, and furniture and may even become a danger to your health if left untreated. 

Condensation becomes more common in winter when central heating in the house increases the difference in air temperature.

It’s important to dry up any water that forms as a result of condensation. Using a window cleaning tool such as a squeegee or an old towel, mop up the excess water from the surface. 

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However, when it comes to preventing the issue, this is where many households struggle.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page, one woman initially asked for some suggestions on how to prevent condensation that was forming on her windows that was causing water to pool on her laminate flooring.

Sharing a picture of the issue, Ashleigh JC said: “What is the trick to stop window condensation? Ours are so bad the floor is always soaking wet.”

After receiving many recommendations, Ashleigh opted for a method that used a “30p dehumidifier”.

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She later updated the post saying: “I left a 30p dehumidifier and no condensation this morning!”

The dehumidifier Ashleigh would’ve used would have been an interior dehumidifier – these are cheap and fast-acting.

An interior dehumidifier helps to remove moisture found in the air. This is where this handy product comes in.

An indexer dehumidifier helps to absorb excess moisture from the air and prevent the buildup of unwanted damp.

Other group members also recommended this product. Sharing a picture of the interior dehumidifiers, Debbie Green said: “I put these in my window because I dry my washing by the radiator, brilliant little things. They avoid condensation wreaking havoc on my windows and walls”

Christina Franklin also shared a picture of the product and said: “We use these, you can get them from Poundland and B&M. You’ll be amazed by how much moisture they take in. They’ve the best things ever.”

Helena Lucas replied: “They are really good tuck them behind all the curtains you would be surprised at the moisture they collect.”

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