Toyota reveals revolutionary EV technology that could change electric cars forever… in just 4 years' time | The Sun

TOYOTA has revealed a revolutionary EV technology that could change electric cars forever.

The vehicle giant says it's been working on a battery that would see cars travel double the distance that today's EVs can.

And, it says the car would only take 10 minutes to charge.

Toyota revealed it's hoping cars powered by the proposed solid-state batteries will roll out in the next four years.

Experts say the batteries would be made up of revolutionary technology that could see EVs become more mainstream.

Most EVs have a driving range of around 300 miles, but the Japanese manufacturer is saying the batteries would mean cars could be on the road for 745 miles.

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It suggested they could hit the market in 2027 or 2028.

The company has admitted it's a big feat but is working towards "the future" of electric vehicles.

Earlier this month, Toyota CEO Koji Sato announced the giant was teaming up with a major oil refiner for the project.

MailOnline reported he said: "With repeated efforts involving trial and error, we have succeeded in developing a material that is more stable and less prone to crack.

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"The future of mobility lies in the tie-up between the auto and energy sectors, including this innovation hailing from Japan."

The news comes as it was announced Toyota had launched a swish new EV.

The brand-new Toyota C-HR has arrived, and it's decked with the most up-to-date tech.

The revamped hybrid SUVand the popular Corolla are set to cover the hole left by the fourth-generation Prius not coming to the UK.

The Japanese car giant reportedly decided that its second generation C-HR family SUV covers the bases that UK buyers are on the hunt for – meaning the Prius was not needed here.

The latest Coupe High-Rider boasts full hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, plus Toyota's latest tech.

And if this wasn't enough, the SUV also offers drivers more space and practical features than the car it is replacing.

The vehicle has a sportier look with slimmer headlights, a hammerhead-style bonnet, and for the first time in Toyota vehicle history – flush door handles.

At the back of the car is a new fancy rear light bar design but the most striking difference is the bi-tone paint finish which will not be standard on all models.

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