Best methods to dry clothes without a tumble dryer this winter

Susannah Constantine shares tips for saving money doing laundry

Drying clothes can be hard throughout the year, especially with limited space, but this is often exacerbated during the winter months when Britons can’t dry outside. 

An expert has recommended ventilating the area properly to ensure damp does not build up in the home.

Daniel Nezhad, Director of UK Radiators, explained: “Ventilate the area…contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t opt to trap the heat in your home by keeping the windows and doors shut tight.

“When wet clothes are filling the area, this will dampen the air in the room and make it near impossible for laundry to dry in good time.

“If the clothes are wet, and the air is wet, you’re giving the laundry no chance to lose its moisture.

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“Plus, you could be causing some real structural damage to your home by encouraging damp spots and even mould to form. Instead, crank open the windows and let the outside air in.

“This will allow the moisture to escape and prevent the room from getting too clammy.”

The expert said this will help the laundry dry a lot quicker because it will be in the right environment.

However, this can be hard during the winter months when it is cold outside, and many may not want to open their windows.

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Instead, the expert recommended using a dehumidifier, which helps to draw the moisture out of the air.

Daniel said: “These nifty little devices ensure that your property doesn’t get too damp and can be perfect for preventing mould.”

Dehumidifiers can be picked up for as little as £40 on Amazon and can dry washing very quickly.

While radiators can help to dry clothes in winter, the expert said they are a dangerous fire hazard.

Daniel said: “A simple drying rack is affordable and safe and is the first step to drying clothes sufficiently.

“After hanging your laundry on it, position the rack in a safe, but proximity to your radiator, and in the warmest and driest room of the house – generally somewhere small and cosy, like a little spare bedroom that gets a lot of sunlight.

“Turn on the heating and let the room fill with warmth, taking care to rotate your drying rack every so often. 

“This will equally distribute the heat around all the clothes, helping the whole load to dry at the same pace.”

When it comes to placing clothing on the rack, it is important to make sure the clothes are strategically placed. This involves making sure longer and bulkier items are placed towards the top, taking care to avoid any clothing dragging on the floor.

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