Bed bugs can ‘hide’ in towels – ‘completely eliminate’ them fast in 2 easy steps

Bed bugs are most often found in the bedroom, as they need human blood to survive and they feed at night. 

However, the bedroom is a broad term used in this case as the bed bug is so small it can hide anywhere during the day.

Sharing a list of the “most common” locations bed bugs like to “hide”, pest control experts at Eco Pest Supply have highlighted that towels are one of these areas.

They said: “Considering bed bugs are very flat and small, they can find various hiding places and you would be surprised how many people bring infested clothes from their hotel stays.”

The average bed bug will feed in just a couple of minutes and “instantly look for a place to hide”. This can be on your mattress, bed sheets or even towels.

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The pros claimed: “If you want to completely eliminate bed bugs, you need to be thorough and leave no specimens behind.”

1. Separate infested laundry

The “best way to get rid of bed bugs” on towels is to be thorough and isolate the bathroom. There should be no new items added or some taken away from the room while the infestation is present. 

Households need to use big plastic bags to pack all the items and carry them to the washing machine. It’s advised to keep the bags closed to prevent some of the bed bugs from escaping.

2. Wash and dry the towels 

The contaminated towels should go straight to the washing machine. The experts said: “If you want to get rid of all the bed bugs and eggs you need to use high-heat programs and add specialised laundry detergent that kills bed bugs.”

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While most of the bed bugs will be killed by water and high temperatures, it’s a good idea to lower the risk of survival by adding natural detergents that are meant just for this. 

The expert said: “With the right products, you can be sure your family and pets are safe, while the bed bugs are completely eliminated fast.”

Once the wash cycle is done, put the towels in the dryer and again “use the highest heat possible” that will not damage the items but will ensure bed bug elimination.

For those looking for a quicker way to get rid of bed bugs from their towels, they can steam them.

As mentioned before the heat will kill most of the bed bugs, so households can try using a steamer on them and other areas infested with these pests.

Just like they are sensitive to heat, the bed bugs are also “sensitive to low temperatures”, claimed the experts.

The suggested: “You can use your freezer to treat some items infested. Simply place the item (that can safely be frozen) into a zip lock bag and put it in your freezer for a couple of days.”

Keep in mind that larger items need more time to completely freeze and eliminate the bed bugs.

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