Naturally keep spiders from your home this autumn without using chemicals

Spiders: Expert reveals how to deal with bugs in your home

Autumn is a time of cosy sweaters, colourful leaves and pumpkin spice lattes, but unfortunately, it is also a time when spiders are much more likely to make their way into your home.

It is a common misconception that spiders come into houses during the colder seasons to seek warmth during the winter, but spiders tend to be noticeable in the autumntime as it is mating season for them. 

Spiders are harmless and are usually very good at catching other insect pests, but is understandable if you don’t want this eight-legged creepy crawly around your home making cobwebs before it is even time for Halloween. 

If you notice a spider in your home, your first instinct may be to swat it, but it is recommended not to kill them as spiders play an important part of the local ecosystem as they prey on cockroaches, mosquitos flies and moths.

However, if you are someone who really does not like spiders then there are several natural and chemical ways to keep spiders from entering your home this autumn according to Anna Sharples. an expert from the homeware company Solane & Sons.

How to keep spiders out of your home 


One preventative measure is to make sure there is no nook or cranny that spiders can make it home in. Make sure to dust regularly this autumn and seal up any openings which a spider could get into. 

Anna said: “Spiders often spin their intricate cobwebs in quiet, undisturbed areas like corners or behind furniture. Adopting a regular cleaning and decluttering routine serves as an effective deterrent, making these spots less appealing to spiders.”

Make sure to regularly clean bins, stove tops and anywhere food crumbs might get into also in order to discourage other pests which are the spider’s food source. 


Spiders do not like highly fragrant smells such as cinnamon, so placing this kitchen ingredient in places where spiders are likely to dwell will stop them from entering your home. Note this method will not work with cinnamon-scented candles, and only natural cinnamon sticks will do the trick. 

Anna said: “If spiders have taken refuge in door or window frames, use ground cinnamon and carefully sprinkle it into the gaps. Be cautious with white window frames as cinnamon may stain, particularly on the outside where it can get wet from rain.”

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Certain herbs and houseplants are also ideal due to their fragrance, and having them in your kitchen, living room or bedroom will keep spiders at bay. 

Anna has recommended having a peppermint plant as well as others in a room you don’t want any spiders in. She said: “ Not only is peppermint a strong deterrent for keeping spiders out, but other plants including lavender, mint and even lemon balm will work to keep them out. 

“Grow them in a well-lit corner of your home and make sure to give the plant enough water and food to ensure you get efficient usage from your repelling plant techniques.”


If you have vinegar in your home, you can make a simple cleaning solution using water and vinegar in a spray bottle to deter spiders, but the major downside is having to deal with the smell of vinegar. 

Another simple solution to keep spiders away is using essential oils such as peppermint, cinnamon, citronella and lavender. Like with vinegar, put the essential oils in a spray bottle mixed with water and spray about your home. 

However, if you have a cat or dog it is highly recommended to do lots of research on essential oils before bringing them into your home as some can be very toxic to pets. 

One other easy spider repellent which can be found at this time of year is chestnuts. Chestnuts contain a natural substance called saponin which spiders dislike. Not only will they not leave a smell, but chestnuts are very easy to clean up. 

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