Enerby bills hack dries clothes in five minutes with no tumble dryer

Massive energy bills have battered Britain during the cost-of-living crisis, making some think twice about even the most basic and essential of daily tasks.

Since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, costs have soared across the board and the Government has been forced to step in and offer state assistance to the most vulnerable.

But with any penny counting as interest rates soar, pushing mortgage holders into an ever more expensive existence, it’s understandable that people will be looking for other ways to hack through high costs.

And one new method claims to offer the ability to dry clothes in just five minutes without forking out for heating bills or electricity costs.

The “Burrito” method supposedly dries clothing without the need of a radiator or tumble dryer – and you won’t have soggy clothes hanging for days in your property.

The Mirror reports that home organiser Tor Rydder has shared the method, saying: “To do the burrito method, we place a newly washed T-shirt down on a towel.

“Then we start by folding the T-shirt over, like so.”

Folding the top with medium sized flaps, he layered them on top of each other until the T-shirt is fully encased in the towel.

“Once we reach the top, we start stepping down on the towel,” he said, pressing his knees into the rolled-up towel.

“The reason we do this is because the towel will absorb all of the water from the burrito. Once we unwrap it, it will be a lot drier.”

He explained you could also wring out the “burrito” if you’d rather not step or kneel on the towel. Once you have kneeled or wrung out the excess water, you can unroll the towel and retrieve the T-shirt.

“I do find that this method will easily reduce drying time from overnight to a couple of hours,” Tor explained. “If you’re in a hotter climate, you can probably wear it out and it’ll dry on its own.”

On its own, this method should dry your clothes in a couple hours, but if you don’t have time and you’re in a cooler climate, he recommends blasting the top with a hair dryer for five minutes maximum.

If you don’t have time to wait for a couple of hours and you’re in a colder place, he recommends putting the top on a hanger and blasting it with a hair dryer for a maximum of five minutes. If you don’t have a hanger, you can put it on a sink or chair.

Fans were in awe of Tor’s “burrito method”. One woman confirmed that this method works, stating “I used these two methods and my clothes were dry in five minutes.” Another person stated “This man is a genius. You’re a lifesaver.”

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