Two fragrant plants that are ‘offensive’ to rodents

Preventing mice infestations is essential in colder months when the rodents start naturally gravitating towards the warmth of our homes.

Thankfully a score of techniques have been devised to safeguard houses against rodents, including several that are chemical-free and safe for humans and rodents.

Using simple ingredients like essential oils will stop mice from using common entry points into your home because they hate the scent.

Fox Pest Control explained: “As it turns out, there are several smells that these pests cannot stand, which means you can use them to your advantage.”

The website lists three smells that the rodents particularly dislike; peppermint, citronella and bleach.

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You can use essential oils by diluting and spraying the liquid around your home. Because mice cannot stand the minty smell of peppermint oil, they will avoid it as best as they can.

One of the benefits of using peppermint oil around the home is that is it safe for pets and children.

Citronella in candles, oils, or plants emit a lemon-like scent which is equally unpleasant to rodents.

The natural traps have proven popular on the Facebook ground for Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, where one person turned to after recently spotting a mouse on their kitchen counter.

One person responded: “I had a mouse once. I put peppermint oil on cotton pads in the kitchen and it scapered. It smells really nice but mice hate it.”

Surprisingly, citronella and peppermint are equally useful for repelling rodents when they are plants around your home.

“Known for their fragrant properties, these [favourite] plants and herbs will actually be offensive to rodents, since they have a very strong sense of smell,” explains Tom’s Guide.

Remember that repelling mice from a home requires a proactive approach, as the rodents are highly intelligent.

It’s imperative to implement adequate cleaning routines like properly sealing your garbage containers, and avoiding leaving bags and cans open around the home.

Regularly cleaning and mopping floors will help get rid of crumbs, which provide enough food for them to survive on.

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