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A GROUP of urban explorers has given a look inside an eerie abandoned Saab dealership, including three motors destroyed by vandals.

A crew from Forgotten Buildings posted a tour of the creepy derelict showroom to their YouTube channel.

In the clip, the Dutch trio managed to sneak in through a gap in the wall, revealing the strange scene within.

The explorer narrating the video said: "We are venturing inside one of these abandoned dealerships, which offers a truly unique glimpse of when Saab still existed.

"The initial impression was overwhelming, the place was filled with all sorts of items."

The footage shows the room caked in dirt and grime, with papers and boxes scattered over the floor.



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Potted plants were still growing due to leaks in the ceiling, while a child's slide sat in the corner in a scene that wouldn't look out of place in a psychological horror film.

The main part of the room was taken up by three old Saabs, which had been stripped to bone by scrappers and smashed up by yobs.

All had windows smashed and paint stripped off, while wheels, lights and other valuable parts were missing.

One thing that was left was the original price tags of the second-hand models, which were on sale for around £9,000 when the dealership closed.

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The narrator described it as a "truly bizarre and almost post-apocalyptic scene."

From there, they moved into the office section of the building.

The rooms were in complete chaos, with debris and mounds of papers left to rot.

It appeared that everything was left almost untouched as if the owners had left in a hurry.

Finally, they descended to the basement workshop, where more motors were stored.

Around 20 cars and even a small van were rusting away, covered in dust.

Someone had drawn a pair of eyes in the dust on the van's windshield, making it look like it was staring at the camera.

Shattered glass littered the floor and many seemed to have had their wheels removed.

There were also models from other manufacturers, including Peugeot and Renault.

According to the narrator, Saab ceased trading there in 2011 so the cars have been left there for over a decade.

The brand went bankrupt in 2012 and was acquired by National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) to try and revive it as an EV company.

However, NEVS announced it would stop using the Saab name in 2016, before itself closing down earlier this year to avoid bankruptcy.

Social media commenters shared their sadness at the state of the once-great manufacturer.

One wrote: "It's so heart-melting to see such cool and quirky cars left forever in such a state.

"Hopefully, someone can save them, they definitely don't deserve to rot away."

Another added: "How sad. What a waste of perfectly good cars rotting senselessly."



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