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CAR experts have revealed five top tips to keep your car safe as a major firm's EV topped the list of the UK's most stolen.

Owners were issued an urgent warning as around 50 of the popular motors have already been pilfered this year.

Data compiled by Leasing Options found that the Nissan Leaf was the most stolen EV model, with 188 thefts over the past five years.

The Leaf made up 39% of all EV thefts since 2018.

It held a whopping lead over the Tesla Model S, which came in second with 61 thefts.

The Renault Zoe rounds out the top three with 46.



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Manufacturers including VW, Hyundai, BMW and Audi were all unfortunate enough to make the list too.

Overall, Nissan was the most targeted brand across all models, with 190 thefts since 2018, compared to 90 for Tesla and 46 for Renault.

Helpfully, the experts at Leasing Options have shared a list of handy tips with drivers which can help fight thieves.

First of all they urged motorists to consider installing a dashcam or CCTV in their car.

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This can both deter potential thieves but also help identify crooks in the event that they do go ahead with their crimes.

Just be aware that there are certain rules around dashcams during an MOT, which one test mechanic outlined on TikTok.

Other useful security devices the experts recommend include a steering lock to prevent criminals from taking off with your vehicle.

If they do somehow manage it, a tracking device can allow you to locate the car quickly and inform the police.

Drivers were also warned about the danger of relay attacks.

These are when thieves use a relay device to intercept the signals from your key fob.

The relay can then mimic the signal and unlock your car doors.

If you have keyless ignition, it can even start your car up as if it were the legitimate key.

Fortunately, you can buy specialised wallets for your key that block relay signals and protect your motor.

Finally, the experts advised locking up your EV charger securely when not using it and keeping it out of the car so light-fingered chances can't pick them up to make a quick buck.

Mike Thompson, Leasing Options' Chief Operating Officer, said: "It’s worrying to see the rise across the number of EVs, and other vehicles, being stolen throughout the UK. 

"For drivers who own one of the manufacturers or models highlighted as being targeted by thieves, we urge them to take the steps to make their car as protected as best it can be. 

"Whether that be using padlocks or surveillance to keep an eye on the vehicle.

"Make sure your insurance is correct and up to date, and if your lease car is stolen to contact your provider as well as insurer."



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It comes after an EV owner told Brits that they should meet two specific criteria before considering buying an electric car.

Meanwhile, an iconic British manufacturer announced that it will discontinue production of all its petrol and diesel models as it eyes an all-electric future.

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