People are just realising there's a hidden Wi-Fi setting on iPhones that boost their internet connection | The Sun

IPHONE users were stunned when they discovered a hidden hack to boost their internet connection.

The handy setting allows people to stay online when the WiFi is poor, whether it's to send an important email, or keep scrolling on social media.

WiFi Assist will work for any iPhone user who owns iOS 9 or higher.

It works by automatically switching from WiFi to Mobile Data when the phone senses poor internet connection.

For example, if you are reading an article on Safari and it won't load, Wifi Assist will kick in and transfer you to Mobile Data.

It works for other apps such as Apple Music, Mail, Maps and others so you're never left disconnected.

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iPhone users will know when it has been activated because the WiFi symbol will be replaced by either the 3G, 4G or 5G icon.

It is important to note, more data will be used if your iPhone is connecting to the internet without WiFi.


Wifi Assist is available with any device which is iOS 9 or higher.

However, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad third generation, and iPad mini first generation, unfortunately don't have the feature.

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If your device is suitable, enabling the system is very simple.

Go to Settings and click Mobile Data, which may also be called Cellular.

Then turn on the slider for WiFi Assist, or off when you want to disable it.

If you are using your roaming data, WiFi Assist will not automatically come on, to save you being charged.

It also only works if you are already using an App.

Your device won't switch from Wifi to Mobile Data if you are on your home or lock screen.

And, Wifi Assist will not always activate on third party apps which require a lot of data.

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