‘I earn £228 per client as a personal charity shopper’

Woman makes $19,000 thanks to party side hustle

One woman is sharing how she makes up to £228 per client as a personal shopper in a job that started a side hustle.

Kalita Hon, 22, from Los Angeles, California, stands out from her peers as she specialises in thrifting from charity shops.

The thrifty personal shopper charges up to $285 (£228) to pick people a personalised bundle of second-hand clothes.

Ms Hon always had a passion for shopping while saving money and began selling old clothes at university as a side hustle.

She would make the equivalent of £800 per month from doing this which helped with her living expenses.

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After graduating from university, Ms Hon posted her thrifting hauls on TikTok which quickly took off.

Following this, she began her personal shopper business for charity shops and has a waiting list of over 300 signed up.

As part of her role, Ms Hon picks out deals from thrift stores which she believes suit her clients’ fashion needs.

Since launching her business in August 2023, she has picked out over 40 bundles for clients.

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The businesswoman explained: “I have a passion for fashion and styling. I got the feeling I was really good at styling outfits.

“I’m there when the thrift stores open at nine. I spend half my day there. I try to accept every single kind of fashion sense.

“It’s a really personal experience. “It [thrifting] was my way of making money on the side.”

According to the entrepreneur, she is extremely passionate about sustainability and her own wardrobe is “95 percent thrifted”.

Ms Hon added: “I used to do it for my friends for their birthday. Sometimes I like choosing challenging ones.

“I shopped for a girl where her style was super preppy – Korean preppy style. I found her a matching set.”

“It’s very physically taxing. People see the effort that goes into each bundle. You can learn a lot through a sense of style.”

“In everyday life, do you really know someone who has a stylist? It’s a really great opportunity for people who don’t have the funds to afford a personal stylist.”

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