I'm a motors expert – here's the car you need to avoid if you drive in busy areas… it's costing you thousands | The Sun

A MOTORS expert revealed the car you need to avoid if driving in busy areas.

Abigayle Andre, who runs motors site SheTalksCars, took to TikTok to urge drivers to stop a mistake that could cost you thousands.

Car owners driving short-distances can get slapped with hefty bill if they choose the wrong car.

Luckily, a motors expert has shared the top car you should avoid to stop being out of pocket.

The experienced car owner shared a money-saving tip to avoid hefty bills when driving in congested roads.

She said: "I wish more people knew this before they buy a car, honestly it'll save you money.

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"Seriously, I'm just trying to help you avoid a big car bill."

Abigayle urged drivers to not buy a diesel car if they are doing low miles on their daily commute.

She explained: "If you're buying a car don't get diesel if you are doing really low miles.

"Don't buy a diesel car if you do a lot of stop and start journeys."

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The car whizz claimed diesel motors are more expensive to maintain for those driving short distances.

Diesel engine tends to be harder to burn compared to petrol engines, but stronger once you accelerate.

Drivers have to put a foot down harder to get the engine to respond and lift off to slow again.

This type of driving burns more fuel than other engines.

Unless you are doing high mileages involving regular driving for more than 20 to 30 minutes, the content creator recommends buying other alternatives.

She added: "It's not more economical if you're not doing very high mileage.

"It's not going to be economical for you. It's only economical for those doing high miles and motorway driving."

It comes as an industry boss demanded diesel drivers to pay more to park across the UK.

Cities should introduce "emissions-based parking" charges to penalise drivers with most polluting cars, parking app RingGo's MD says.

Meanwhile, more and more Brits are backing The Sun's call to delay the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars.

In a major boost for our ‘Give Us A Brake’ crusade, a new YouGov survey shows plummeting support for the flagship Net Zero policy.


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More than half – 53 per cent – now are now opposed to the clampdown compared to 36 per cent that support it.

But more than half – 51 per cent – of voters backed the end of sales of non-green cars just two years ago as the cost of the policy becomes clearer.

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