Save £630 on energy bills with appliance change

Britons have been urged to consider getting a new boiler ahead of the winter months as they could save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.

Research from BOXT found investing in a new boiler could save a household £630 a year on energy bills.

The group said those who have an outdated boiler with a low efficiency rating, especially people in older properties, would benefit from the upgrade.

The BOXT experts encouraged those who can’t afford a new boiler to get their current appliance serviced.

They said: “Taking this up annually can mean a registered Gas Safe engineer can look out for any potential risks or hazards which will save you a lot more money now than further down the line if these go unchecked.”

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People can also make sure their boiler is working properly by checking the boiler pressure as this will show how well the heating is performing.

The BOXT experts said: “The ideal boiler pressure is said to be between one to 1.5 bars when your heating is switched off and can rise up to two bars when it’s on. 

“Should the reading be outside of this range, it could be wise to repressurise your boiler or bleed your radiators.”

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The group suggested other things people can do going into the winter months to keep down their energy bills.

One simple way is to bleed the radiators as they can build up trapped air during the warmer months when they are not in use.

Consumers can also make sure their radiators are working as efficiently as possible by installing reflector panels.

These can save a home £19 a year on energy bills by reflecting warm air moving towards the wall back into the room.

Energy bills are to fall from October as the Ofgem price cap falls. Bills for a typical household will drop from the current £2,074 a year to £1,923 a year from October.

Jonathan Brearley, CEO of Ofgem, said when the announcement was made: “We’ve introduced new measures to support consumers including reducing costs for those on pre-payment meters, and introducing a PPM code of conduct that all suppliers need to meet before they restart installation of any mandatory PPMs.

“There are signs that the financial outlook for suppliers is stabilising and reasonable profits are returning.

“With the small additional allowance we’ve made to Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT), this means there should be no excuses for suppliers not to be doing all they can to support their customers this winter, and to reinforce this we’ll be introducing a consumer code of conduct which we will look to have in place by winter.”

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