‘Effective’ yet ‘cheap’ method to ‘keep spiders away’ without causing them harm

Spiders: Expert advises on using essential oils as repellents

Spider season in the UK begins this month in September and ends in October. 

During that time, these pests are most active. Male spiders are often seen searching for a mate at this time, so it may feel like households are seeing more spiders than usual.

But there is no need to panic. While many dislike seeing spiders, the ones in UK homes are typically harmless.

There are more than 600 species of spider found in the UK and Ireland, of these, just 12 have been known to bite humans and none are poisonous but can be painful.

For those who want to keep a spider-free household, Jess Steele, heating technology expert at designer radiator specialists BestHeating, has shared the “cheap product” that is available in supermarkets, as well as what else should be done to keep spiders away from homes during winter.

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The product is a simple peppermint oil, which can be bought for just £1.45 in Asda, or a couple of pounds from Amazon.

Jess claimed: “Peppermint oil provides a strong smell and spiders are sensitive to them which makes it an effective yet cheap method of taking away the worry of finding creepy crawlies all over the home, without causing harm to them.”

Spiders appear a lot more around homes during the autumn months due to mating season, so males are often seeking a partner. As the weather cools this means they are doing so inside homes as the conditions are drier than outdoors.

To help reduce the risk of spiders entering a home, Jess recommends combining the oil with water to make a spray and spritzing it onto the inside of curtains, windowsills and in the corners of carpets.

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Jess noted: “Spiders smell with their legs so that’s why powerful scents work well.”

The expert suggested that the oil can also be used in a diffuser to “deter spiders from the most used rooms”.

A third method is to soak cotton pads in peppermint oil, and then place them in areas where the spiders commonly appear.

Despite many believing that spiders come inside for the heat, Jess says that isn’t the case and has explained why those with underfloor heating are less likely to spot them.

The expert argued: “A major myth with spiders is there are more inside during the colder months due to the temperature. 

“They don’t like to be too warm as they are cold-blooded, so there is no need to think they would be located near radiators, fires or other home heat sources. 

“For those with extreme fears, underfloor heating is a great solution to make your home spider-free as the air close to the ground makes it uncomfortable for them.”

For those with “persistent issues”, Jess recommended they try a mixture of smells such as citrus peels, herbs and spices like mint and cinnamon, and even using vinegar in a spray, as these are “fantastic and natural ways to keep your home free of arachnids without spending much”.

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