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A FURIOUS driver has complained about being hit with a £90 ULEZ fine despite her car being compliant – and has warned others to avoid being caught out.

Johanna Noble thought she would be exempt from the new ULEZ charges London‘s mayor Sadiq Khan has imposed across the capital.

But she was shocked when a letter arrived ordering her to pay £90 for driving her new car in an ultra-low emission zone.

From tomorrow the ULEZ will cover all 32 London boroughs, adding an extra 5million people who could be affected.

It had initially been confined to central areas from April 2019 then extended to everywhere within the North Circular and South Circular roads in October 2021.

The £12.50 daily charge must be paid for by anyone driving in a ULEZ area whose vehicle doesn't meet emissions standards.

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Ms Noble recently bought a second-hand petrol car which she was assured was ULEZ-compliant, she wrote in the Times.

The previous owner had a road tax disability exemption, meaning the new owner had to apply for a new logbook.

The car has a pre-existing personalised number plate, which means it needs special registration as ULEZ-compliant.

But she has been unable to complete that while still waiting for the new logbook, leading to the £90 fine for entering a zone already.

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And from tomorrow she will also find herself stuck living in a new ULEZ area forcing her to pay the charge each day she drives until finally possessing a new logbook.

She wrote: "I am stuck. I will have to pay £12.50 a day just to move my car until I get this sorted."

She said the dealer who sold her the car has now settled the fine but not yet agreed to foot the daily charge until the vehicle is exempt.

And no compensation has been mentioned for listing the car as ULEZ-compliant on the dealer's site, she wrote.

Ms Noble added: "Hopefully it won't take much longer."

The vehicles most likely to be liable for the £12.50 daily charge include pre-2015 diesels and pre-2006 petrol cars.

Opponents of Mr Khan's ULEZ expansion staged a protest yesterday outside his home in south London.

Transport secretary Mark Harper has condemned Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer for failing to step in and block Mr Khan's plans.

People living just outside the newly-affected areas have revealed drivers are offering them £100 per month to park on their driveways.

Reports today suggested self-employed workers will be allowed to claim back the £12.50 daily charge on their tax returns.

Grants of up to £2,000 have been promised by Mr Khan to anyone ditching their motors that fail to meet ULEZ emission standards.

But drivers could have to spend extra on repairs first because only roadworthy vehicles will be deemed eligible.

They must also have valid MOT and road tax, while other Transport for London requirements are ownership for at least the last 12 months and registration at the person's home address.

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TfL uses multiple cameras across London monitoring cars as they enter and exit the ULEZ, recording number plates and checking them against a database to see if there should be a charge.

You can check whether your vehicle meets the emissions standards on by entering the registration number on TfL's website.

What are the ULEZ rules?

Only modern, efficient cars are allowed to drive in ULEZ areas without incurring a £12.50 charge.

Motorists must pay if using older vehicles including cars, motorcycles, vans and specialist vehicles and minibuses up to a certain weight.

London's mayor Sadiq Khan say the measures are necessary to help cut pollution levels in the capital, by deterring people from using older cars more likely to be damaging to the environment.

Vehicles must meet Euro emissions standards to avoid a fee.

These set limits on eco-unfriendly nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from engines.

Petrol vehicles must meet Euro 4 emission standards introduced in 2006 while diesels will have to abide more more stringent Euro 6 standards which came into force later, in 2015.

Motorcycles have to meet Euro 3 emissions standards from 2007.

Vehicles registered before each of these years may not be compliant.

Vehicles which are more than 40 years old can be added to the historic vehicle tax class, making them exampt from vehicle tax or ULEZ charges.

All vehicles made before January 1 1973 are exempt.

All fully electric vehicles will also not be charged and most hybrids aren't, though owners of some older models such as the original Toyota Prius will have to pay.

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